Corporate Accounts

JobDOC corporate is designed to facilitate large group collaborations between insurance companies, contractors, and suppliers. JobDOC’s unique and simplified one tap or one click collaborative web portal makes it possible for everyone on every device to engage with the information in an easy and expeditious way. The system was designed from the ground up with field personnel in mind. The group cataloging of projects is now easier than ever. You can get your team on board In no time with admin tools that let them monitor and manage a job from start to finish on any device, globally. Your information is always available and current so you never have to second guess what was completed and what remains to be done. You can also keep information private and share only with those you deem appropriate. JobDOC is a unique mobile CRM tool that lets you manage a project visually from start to finish.

Welcome aboard, for more information on corporate accounts please contact us on our contact page or reach out to us by phone on 800.719.2860, and one of our friendly sales associates will get back to you shortly.

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