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JobDoc App Simplifies Filed Service Documentation and Communication

Date 11/09/12
Contact: Eric Zajdel, Founder

JobDoc is a new app that can be used by field personnel in any service related business who uses pictures, notes, video, location, reference numbers, date and time to communicate daily activities.

The user can create a geolocation based file for documenting an activity from initial to completed documentation using multiple pictures, notes and a video. The file can be sent instantly as one unit via email and backed up on our server with a link to event. The user also has a web login portal to all jobs created.

The following illustration shows how JobDoc simplifies, communicates and tracks field service Job Documentation:

A restaurant has a small roof leak that stains a ceiling tile and damages a light fixture. The restaurant manager places a call to a national maintenance company and a repair technician is dispatched.

The technician arrives on site, pulls out a smart phone, logs into JobDoc and begins to inspect the repair area. While the technician is making his initial inspection, JobDoc has his used GPS to fill in the address, and assigned a unique JobDoc number and also allows the technician to enter his companies own reference number.

The technician makes a visual inspection of the area to be repaired and describes the materials needed for the repair, all the while recording a video that is automatically attached with pictures and notes to the reference number at that Geo Location. When the technician completes the inspection, an email is sent to the parts supplier, the restaurant manager, and the maintenance company. The email has a link to the Job file which includes: date, time, reference number, location, pictures, video and notes for the area to be repaired.

The technician arrives back at the restaurant 1 week later and logs in to JobDoc, which opens the Initial Job documentation and begins tracking his time. The technician makes the repairs, documents the completed work with pictures, video and notes. He sends the JobDoc file that now includes initial and completed documentation to the restaurant to verify completion for payment.

The JobDoc app works internationally and requires no specialized equipment, servers or interfaces of primary users, customers or suppliers. JobDoc currently operates on the iPhone and IPad and will be available on other smart phone operating systems in the near future. Information is shared over email with secure links to the data which can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world.

"There is a paradigm shift in the thought process in the way we document, communicate and file data gained through field operations ", says Eric Zajdel founder at JobDoc. JobDoc is using today's increasing mobile data speeds to their full capability, allowing clients to document and communicate to improve efficiency.

Zajdel says "This capability will change countless industries where these daily task are being performed in the field."

You can learn more and download the app at: JobDoc.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JobDocApp
Twitter : http://twitter.com/JobDocApp
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JobDocApp

JobDoc simplifies documentation and communication process and allows information to be sent instantly from the field in one nice file. JobDoc is especially relevant when catastrophic events unfold like the recent storm that ravaged the east coast, as it can save thousands of man hours. Using only one finger a field service person can accurately locate, reference, date, time stamp, multiple pictures, notes and a video for each property in minutes. It is truly like a "Swiss army knife" for contractors and insurance companies, once you start to use it you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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