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Meet JobDoc 2!

Document your job from start to finish, improving communication from the field. On all devices, no app to download.

When we launched JobDoc Version 1.0 a few years ago, our customers sent us useful feedback, and we listened and incorporated almost every request that we got, which lead us to rewrite JobDoc from the ground up entirely.

The completely redesigned new jobDOC version 2.0, is now app-less. Meaning there is nothing to install an nothing to download, it works on every device worldwide. Create an account in seconds as you would an email account, and you can be up and running in under a minute.

My name is Eric, with Aram a programmer friend of mine who has an awsome programing company and some of the worlds best developers, we built JobDoc. I, like you, needed a tool to help me document my work and make it easier for my customers to see what we are doing, without having to climb a roof.

A few years ago I started using various programs but somehow none worked the way we do, so I helped design and build JobDoc to suit our industry and needs. Using JobDoc enabled me to close more business. Customers were elated to see the work we did on their phones, so payments came in faster, not like before where I had to describe all the work we did verbally, and nobody read it. Using JobDoc increased my overall business by 30% while allowing me to efficiently manage my jobs and improve communications with workers in the field. This tool is so useful that I thought it might be worth sharing with other companies.

I needed an easy way to manage my projects and communicate with clients, field employees, and suppliers. I wanted a tool to provide quotes, geolocation and job status with the ability to include pictures or video related to a particular job. I also knew that this tool had to be user-friendly.

JobDoc is the business platform we developed to manage our projects in the field and improve communications from remote job sites. JobDoc allows you to document each job from start to finish and streamline all communications to get the job done. Home office employees can choose how to filter, sort, and retrieve relevant information from the JobDoc portal.

If you would like to learn more about JobDoc and how you can use it to manage your jobs, click on this link https://JobDoc2.com/

JobDoc is a simple and efficient way for field employees to document job status and share information with the home office, clients, and suppliers.

We have a 30 day free trial period if you feel that after you tried JobDoc you still don't like it, send us your feedback and we'll try to improve it.


Eric Zajdel