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JobDoc featured in Contractor Magazine article

Jan. 10, 2013

[Article excerpt]

JobDoc, www.jobdoc.com, by Mobius International, is a mobile service for iPhones, iPads and PCs. Designed specifically for service-related field personnel, especially those doing emergency and/or inspection calls, it provides fast and convenient rich media communications - text, pictures and video - among contractors and their clients and vendors.

Field service personnel visually inspecting the repair area can accurately locate, reference and time stamp the call for documentation and add notes, photos and a video. JobDoc uses GPS information to speed up the process by filling in the address and automatically assigns a unique JobDoc number while allowing the tech to enter the company's own cross-reference number for the job.

All data is backed up, automatically encrypted, and uploaded to the cloud on the JobDoc server with a web link used to access the event. Information is shared over e-mail with secure links to data which can be accessed from any device worldwide.

Users can take a photo or video, or use a photo from their photo archives to document the jobsite or snap photos of handwritten documents, blueprints or drawings which can then be imported into JobDoc. Up to 25 pictures can be used to create detailed initial documentation and another 25 can be uploaded when completed.

Source: https://jobdoc2.com